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Introducing the World's First External 3D Processor

Transform your 2D system into a dynamic 3D experience. Learn more

Installation Overview

It integrates between your existing high-def 2D display or projector and your 3D source.

3D Theater Promo Pack

Special Featuring Processor + Eyewear + Emitter. For more information, call us at: 954-586-8380.


3D NOW™ Products

3D NOW™ 2D to 3D processor system delivers original HD 3D content from your satellite receiver, media server or 3D Blu-ray™ player to any 2D projector or display. Our product line offers quality 3D viewing, value and convenience without the additional cost of a 3D projector or TV.

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3D NOW™ Support

Learn how to install the 3D NOW™ system with our step-by-step installation video series. Will take you from start to finish to successfully install our 3D NOW™ theater system.

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