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Spotlight: London 2012 Olympic Games in 3D

Source: http://3droundabout.com/

Panasonic, the International Olympic Committee and Olympic Broadcasting Services are partnering to make the London 2012 Olympic Games the first ever live 3D Olympic Games. We think this landmark event deserves some dedicated attention – so below you will find links to London 2012 related news, articles, images and videos.


3D NOW Theater Easily Cconverts Any 2D HD Display To Stunning 3D Experience

Source: http://www.mtbs3d.com/

3D Now LLC is proud to introduce 3D Now Theater, the world's first non-anaglyphic frame-sequential stereoscopic processor. The 3D Now Theater is a universal processor that converts any 2D HD display with an HDMI input--new or old--into a high quality, stereoscopic 3D display in three simple steps.


The Best of the 2011 CEDIA EXPO

Source: http://www.about.com/

Here is an interesting take on 3D I saw at CEDIA this year. Although several TV makers and other manufacturers were promoting the ability to convert 2D-to-3D on the fly, a company called 3D Now was promoting their outboard 3D processor which allows the viewing of native content 3D on any 2D HDTV in 3D equipped with an HDMI input.